Health Ministry


To promote wellness by supporting and encouraging one another to achieve and
maintain a healthier lifestyle.


The Health Ministry leaders play an important role in focusing on the health and well being
of the North Tenneha Church of Christ members’ lives through health education
and activities.

1) Monthly observance of Health Awareness with educational material & resources
2) Annual Women’s Wellness Day in February, Heart Health Month
3) Biennial Men’s Health Month – June
4) Annual October- Breast Cancer Awareness – Pin-A-Sister, etc.
5) September – Prostate Cancer Awareness
6) ‘Walk to Jerusalem” or some other destination
7) Biennial Health Fair and Wellness Conference – June
8) Address health issues as needed through community resources

Working Teams:

Planning Committee – The Committee includes the ministry leaders, the overseer, and
all members of the Ministry.

Ministry Coordinators:

Linda Grandison
Mary Carr