Overcomers Ministry

Our name the OVERCOMERS, which is also our position, is determined by our faith in Jesus the Christ — our belief that he is the Son of God and our Victorious Lord and Savior who has overcome the world, conquered and defeated sin, Satan, and death.

Who is it that overcomes the World? Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.” (I John 5:5)

By faith, Christ Jesus has made us OVERCOMERS.

Our mission is to do God’s holy and divine Will through the bearing of one another’s burdens; the sharing in one another’s joys; by comforting one another as we have been comforted by God our Father; through caring during one another’s trials and sorrows; and by loving as we are loved by our Savior Christ Jesus.

  • Ministry Coordinator/Facilitator – Eric Broughton
  • Assistant Coordinators/Facilitators – Artis Newsome/Ruth Wilson
  • Secretary – Gwen Holman
  • Treasurer – Ruth Wilson
  • Card Ministry Committee – Gwen Holman and Eric Broughton
  • Bible Correspondence Coordinator – Ruth Wilson
  • Hospitality Chairpersons – Anna Drawhorn/Charles Brown