Zone Ministries


  • To enhance communication within the Church.
  • To encourage involvement of each member within the Church.
  • To provide spiritual support to those going through difficult times.
  • To nuture the development of new convert
  • To foster the assimilation of the new members into the congregation.
  • To foster Christian fellowship within smaller zone groups.
  • To provide hospitality services for the zones and Church.
  • To assist the leadership in accomplishing the Church goals.


  • Eugene Abraham, Coordinator
  • Elders and Minister
  • Zone leaders
  • Every member of congregation lives in a zone

A. Coordinator shall be responsible for:

  1. Ensuring the purpose of the zones are being met.
  2. Working with the Zone Leaders to establish committees to meet the purpose.
  3. Monitoring the progress of the zones.
  4. Working with the New Convert /New Member ministry to schedule the quarterly fellowship gather to meet the congregation.
  5. Making sure the Zone Leaders have ACCURATE information to the members.
  6. Maintaining a telephone tree to be use to dissimilate information to the members.
  7. Reporting directly to the Elders and Minister regarding the progress of the Zones.
  8. Other duties as agreed upon by the Coordinator, Elders and minister.

B. Elders and Ministers shall act as spiritual leaders for each Zone.

  • It their responsibility to ensure the spiritual needs are being met within the Zone.

C. Zone Leaders shall be responsible for:

  1. Making sure their zone has these four functioning committees: Hospitality, Outreach, Sick and Shut In, and Hospice.
  2. Planning and scheduling a zone meeting at least on a quarterly bases.
  3. Keeping an updated membership record of members within their zones.
  4. Monitoring any monies that may be collected within the zone. This can be done by selecting a Treasurer, but ultimately the Zone Leader is responsible.
  5. Notifying the Zone Coordinator or Elders or Minister of any information related to deaths or that will enhance the growth of the Church.
  6. Utilize a telephone tree system to dissimilate information to the members.
  7. Report directly to the Zone Coordinator.
  8. Other duties agreed upon by the Zone Leaders, Zone Coordinator, Elders, and Minister.

D. Members will be encouraged to participate in their zone activities.
Committees: Each zone shall consist of the following committees:

  • A. Hospitality committee purpose shall be to:
    1. Prepare the meal the day of the funeral for the families that suffer losses.
    2. Assist in the preparation of meals for Church Fellowships and Feast.
    3. Prepare snacks for the Vacation Bible School.
  • B. Outreach committee purpose shall be to:
    1. Assist the Leadership during special events by involving the zone with public relations.
        • Evangelism projects such as handing out
        • advertisements about special events sponsored by the Church.

      • Inviting people to attend the various events.
      • Community involvement by handing out material, inviting people to attend community meetings and being an active participant in the community.
    2. Make the transition of membership to this church as comfortable as possible. Transition of membership involves new converts to the Lord’s Church and relocating of membership within the Church.
      • The committee should welcome the new convert or relocating member into the zone.
      • Visit with the new convert or new member by going to their home and/or inviting them to yours.
      • Adopting a new convert or relocating member to foster their Christian growth.
  • C. Sick and Shut In committee purpose shall be to:
    1. Visit the sick and shut in person in the hospital, nursing home or their home on a regular bases.
    2. Provide spiritual support to the person or their family during time of illness.
  • D. Hospice committee purpose shall be to:
    1. Provide support to the patient and family will going through what is thought to be the final stages of death.
    2. Provide spiritual support to the patient and the family prior to death and the family after death.
    3. Educate the families to the benefits of medical hospice care.