Audio\Visual Ministry

CDs of all services are available, as is a complete catalogue of sermons preached from the Tenneha pulpit. CDs are free to visitors who are not members of the Church of Christ. Members purchase their CDs for a $5.00 donation, enabling us to accommodate the visitors.

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To provide factual information about the Church and the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Every lesson taught is scriptural based and comes strictly from the Bible.

Our primary mission is to reach out to you from within. To let you know your visit does not stop here. As a member or a visitor, we are able to send the word of God with you. Extending the edification of your spirituality with the teachings of what God has commanded us to do.

“We are commanded to give an answer to every man who asks a reason for the hope that is in us.” (I Peter 3:15).


Committee Chairpersons: Michael Christopher and Tony Ruffin


Tricia Billington, Chasity Carter, Kim Christopher, Christopher Morgan, Ryan Lee, A.J. Coates, Carmen Williams,  Tony Dixon, and Jazmine Clark.

If you would like to order a CD or video by mail, please complete the Audio Order Form and send a check or money order to the following:

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